Philanthropy Day

On the second day of recruitment, PNMs will visit up to six chapters. Sororities will share their philanthropies through crafting activities, speakers, and/or videos.

Attire: Wear your "Go Greek" t-shirt provided by Panhellenic (mandatory) with jeans or casual pants and comfortable shoes. 



Preference Day

On Preference Day, PNMs will visit up to two chapters. This is a very special occasion in which the sororities will share intimate values and meanings of their sisterhood and ritual.

Attire: Evening attire; no long or sequined dresses. Think holiday or evening wedding. Remember to be appropriate—nothing too short or any “club wear.” 



Open House Day

On the first day of recruitment, PNMs will visit all eight chapters at their houses to meet and socialize with sorority women.

Attire: Pick an SMU t-shirt of your choice or the provided Panhellenic recruitment shirt with jeans and comfortable shoes. You will be standing and walking a lot! 





Sisterhood Day

On the third day, PNMs will visit up to four chapters to learn more about their unique sisterhoods.

Attire: Dress is casual—jeans and a nice top or blouse with flat shoes. 





Bid Day

On Bid Day, PNMs will run to their new chapters and meet their sisters! Chapters have retreats planned for new members. Please prepare to stay overnight.

Attire: Casual. Wear your white long-sleeve Panhellenic recruitment shirt or any other white long-sleeve t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes—there will be running!