Q: When do I get my Rho Gammas and how can they help me?
A: Your Rho Gammas are assigned to you when you register and they will contact you during the fall semester. They are here to support you through the process and answer any questions you have about recruitment. Make sure to utilize them!

Q: Are there certain sororities that are better than others?
A: No! Each sorority is a perfect fit for its members. The most important part about formal recruitment is to go in with an open mind. Friends that you have before recruitment week will still be your friends after, no matter which chapter you join!

Q: What if I already know which chapter I want to be a part of?
A: It is crucial that you keep an open mind throughout the recruitment process. By keeping your options open, you increase your chances for a successful recruitment process.

Q: Once I join a sorority will I have to go through hazing?
A: Absolutely not. SMU Panhellenic has a zero tolerance hazing policy. You will have a safe and fun experience as a new member. If hazing does occur against SMU’s policy, report it.

Q: What if a sorority woman contacts me during recruitment by text or calls prior to Bid Day?
A: If you are concerned or uncomfortable, contact your Rho Gamma and explain the situation.

Q: If I am a legacy, am I guaranteed a bid?
A: No. Legacy policies differ from chapter to chapter, but no chapter guarantees a bid to a legacy. Also, remember that chapters change with their membership, and just because the sorority was the right fit for your family member doesn’t mean it will be the right fit for you.

Q: May I skip a sorority event if I do not want to attend?
A: No, if you choose to miss a party during formal recruitment week, you will be removed from the entire recruitment process. There are no exceptions.

Q: Can I withdraw from recruitment?
A: Yes, but we encourage you to stay through the week. You will be surprised at how happy you are in the end. It sounds silly that everything happens the way it is supposed to, but truly it does! Often you do now know what the best fit for you is until you are in the chapter.

Q: Do I need to have recommendations to go through the recruitment process?
A: No, recommendations are not required to participate in Recruitment. If you have them, send them to the chapter houses directly. Panhellenic does not handle recommendations, so please do not send any to our office. 

Recruitment Myths:

"Both my mother and grandmother were in the sorority I want, so I am guaranteed a bid from that sorority."

Being a legacy to a sorority will not guarantee you a bid from that chapter.

"If I know a sorority woman, her chapter is obligated to extend me a bid."

Individual chapter members cannot determine who the chapter will extend bids to. Just because you know someone in a chapter does not mean that particular chapter is the right fit for you.

"If I don't meet any sorority women during my first semester, I have no chance of getting into a sorority."

That is what formal recruitment is for! You will have the chance to meet several sorority women in each chapter and they will get to know you.

"Some chapters on campus are just better than others."

Our campus has eight chapters for a good reason: so you have eight chapters to find your sisters. Each one of you is unique just as every chapter is unique. There is no such thing as a "bad" or "good" sorority. Go in with an open mind!

"I should join a sorority for the t-shirts, pins, and parties."

Women join sororities to build character, enhance the community through philanthropy events, and make lifelong friends and connections. They do not join for merchandise and parties.

"Sorority women are everywhere, watching my every move and judging me."

Relax and be yourself. There are no campus paparazzi.