*SMU Panhellenic Recruitment Guidebook 2020 Coming Soon

Dear Potential New Member,

Welcome to Panhellenic recruitment at Southern Methodist University!

If you are interested in becoming involved in Panhellenic sorority life, we hope you will find a home in one of our eight chapters on campus. Sorority life offers many SMU undergraduate women a treasured place to call home. Greek life at SMU gives you the opportunity to form bonds with your sisters in order to create an even more enriching college experience. 

Not only are sorority women involved within their chapter, but we also find that the Greek community fosters many opportunities to become involved in other campus activities. Sorority life at SMU gives young women the support, guidance, and friendship necessary to create a dynamic and positive undergraduate experience. Through the Recruitment process, young women have the opportunity to find the chapter in which they will flourish, becoming even greater assets to the student body.

This website is intended to provide information about formal recruitment week as well as sorority life. You will find answers to commonly asked questions, insight into sorority life, and facts about our chapters. Recruitment is an exciting time, but can nevertheless be overwhelming—that's why we are here! We hope to make this process easier for you. 

We wish you the best of luck as you move closer to finding your letters at SMU. Remember it's not just four years, it's for life. 

What is Recruitment?

Panhellenic sorority recruitment is a mutual selection process between Potential New Members (PNMs) and active sorority women. Formal recruitment is a series of events, coordinated by Panhellenic, that are designed to help PNMs and active sorority women get to know each other. It is an opportunity for PNMs to meet sorority members, ask questions, and learn more about our eight fantastic chapters at SMU. It is also a chance to define the financial obligations, time commitments, and membership requirements that a PNM would be taking upon joining a sorority. Whether or not you decide to join a sorority, recruitment is a great way to meet people and become acquainted with Greek life at SMU.

Meet Your Recruitment Team

The Panhellenic Executive Board

The Panhellenic Executive Board is the governing body that links the eight chapters to the SMU Greek community. The eight members work year round with chapter leaders and the university to foster the best experience for every Panhellenic woman. The Panhellenic Executive Board also works tirelessly during recruitment week to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Don’t forget, all of the Panhellenic Executive women are always available to answer any of your questions!

Rho Gammas

Rho Gammas are sorority women who have disaffiliated (along with the Panhellenic Executive Board) from their chapters to serve as your guides during the entire recruitment process. Once you register for recruitment in the fall, you will be assigned a Rho Gamma group. Your Rho Gammas will be in contact with you throughout the fall semester. They will be there to answer all your questions and will remain impartial throughout the recruitment process in order to help you through this exciting time.

Greek Terminology

Active Member: a member who is in college, pays dues, attends social and philanthropy events. Alumna/Alumnae: a female member that has graduated from college.
Badge: the pin that every member receives following initiation.
Bid: a formal invitation to join a sorority
Big Sister: an older member with whom you will be paired. She helps guide you through your new member period and your time as an active member.
Chapter: a local branch of a national organization, such as a fraternity or sorority.
Continuous Open Bidding (COB): the informal recruitment process that allows select participating chapters to offer bids throughout the year.
Disaffiliation: Panhellenic Executive Board members and Rho Gammas may not reveal their chapter affiliation, remaining neutral at all times to PNMs, beginning August 1st and ending on the last day of formal recruitment.
Hazing: an unproductive and hazardous custom that causes mental, physical, or emotional distress. It is no longer tolerated in sororities and fraternities and is both against the SMU Student Code of Conduct and against the law in the state of Texas.
Initiation: the formal ceremony that brings the new member into full membership.
Jersey: the colorful shirts displaying a chapter’s name on the front.
Legacy: a potential new member who is a child/sibling/grandchild of a member of a sorority.
Mutual Selection: the selection process during formal recruitment when PNMs choose the chapters they wish to return to each day and the chapters choose the PNMs they wish to have return to their events each day. To ensure that a PNM has the maximum amount of event invitations as possible each day, she may continue to receive invitations from chapters not on her preference list.
New Member: a member of a chapter prior to initiation.
Philanthropy: a charitable project or event that raises money for a particular cause or organization.
Potential New Member (PNM): a woman going through the recruitment process for sorority membership.
Quota: the number of women that a sorority may bid during formal recruitment.
Recruitment: the mutual selection process for membership consisting of functions acquainting initiated members and PNMs.
Recommendations: letters written by Alumnae supporting a PNM for membership.
Rho Gamma: an active member that has disaffiliated from her chapter to serve as an impartial counselor to PNMs during the recruitment process.